RoundupReads 2023 Roundup Reads

2023 Roundup Reads

NASA’s Lunar Experts View Moon, Look Forward to Solving Mysteries
Between the highly visible annular eclipse on Oct. 14, the International Observe the Moon Night on Oct. 21, and a partial lunar eclipse during a full ... read more
The People of Johnson: Meet Lauren Blackwell Landon, Team Risk Discipline Scientist
Linda Grimm | 11/29/2023
The next time International Space Station crew members complete a successful spacewalk, they can thank scientists like Dr. Lauren Blackwell Landon for... read more
Johnson Celebrates Diwali Dhamaka: Festival of Lights
Diwali, known as the festival of lights, symbolizes the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. It is the largest Hindu festival celebrated... read more
The People of Johnson: Meet Shayne York, Human Health & Performance Research Coordinator
Linda Grimm | 11/22/2023
What do kinesiology and spaceflight have in common? A lot, actually, when you are helping to develop health protocols for crewed missions to Mars and ... read more
Johnson Employee Resource Groups Host Annual Employee Mentoring 2023 Event
At NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are dedicated to fostering professional development, enhancing work performa... read more
Houston, the Turkey has Launched!
Joseph Zakrzewski | 11/20/2023
On November 15, 2023, NASA’s Johnson Space Center employees along with Center Associate Director Donna Shafer trotted into the Holiday season an... read more
Station Science Top News: Nov. 17, 2023
ISS Program Science Office | 11/17/2023
JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) researchers discovered that mice lacking the protein Nrf2 showed signs of inflammation and expression of coa... read more
We Can Be Heroes: Johnson Safety & Health Day Helps Employees Protect Themselves and Others
Linda Grimm | 11/16/2023
NASA’s Johnson Space Center celebrated the return of its annual Safety & Health Day on November 1, 2023. With the theme of “Be a Super... read more
The People of Johnson: Meet Regina Senegal, Acting Deputy Chief of the Quality and Flight Equipment Division
Linda Grimm | 11/15/2023
Safety and quality management is integral to every program at NASA's Johnson Space Center and across the entire agency. That gives team members like R... read more
Johnson and White Sands Employees Recognized by NASA’s Space Flight Awareness Program
Linda Grimm | 11/15/2023
Dozens of team members at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and White Sands Test Facility were recognized for their contributions to the success of th... read more