RoundupReads 2013 Roundup Reads

2013 Roundup Reads

Jennifer Mason wins POWER of One Bronze Award
Proficiency in government administration, political science and international relations can make a big difference even in a tech-centric realm like NA... read more
Finding freedom in freewheeling
Sue Austin, Multimedia, Performance and Installation artist, visited Johnson Space Center on Dec. 4 to share her story with employees as part of JSC's... read more
Noha Sahnoune reaches for the stars
Noha Sahnoune is a Pathways Intern in the Chief Financial Officer’s Property Accounting Branch at Johnson Space Center. She is also a student at... read more
Challenge brings opportunity for NASA HUNCH students to work with Texas Aggies
Across the country, a number of high school students are working daily to design and manufacture training and flight-certified hardware and soft goods... read more
Time in a Bottle: Preserving JSC 2013
When Glenn Holt, facility manager, was surveying construction to add foundation piers to Building 37, he realized he had a great opportunity to preser... read more
A cup of Joe, and a new direction to go
Coffee can fix a lot of woes, especially after a quick jolt of caffeine to the system. And when the existing affliction is a lack of understanding sur... read more
ISS Weekly News Show Premieres
It’s here – your weekly update on what’s happening aboard the International Space Station (ISS). All set up in a 2-minute news-style... read more
Virtual Reality Lab: Then and now
Dec. 5 marks the 20th anniversary of the Virtual Reality Laboratory (VRL) at Johnson Space Center. The VRL is an immersive training facility that p... read more
Breaking communication barriers
For Disability Employment Awareness Month, Johnson Space Center is honoring disabled or impaired employees who use advanced technologies to ease commu... read more
Astronaut Chris Cassidy: Mission Complete
Chris Cassidy had an exciting 166 days in space from spotting an unidentified floating object to introducing ESPN's SportsCenter Front Row. Now he is ... read more