RoundupReads 2020 Roundup Reads

2020 Roundup Reads

Connecting with NASA's Earliest Fans Through Speakers Bureau
Catherine Ragin Williams | 12/30/2020
With the spread of COVID-19 in communities around the country, one insidious effect has been how the virus has preyed on the mental health of American... read more
Spinoff Highlights NASA Technology Paying Dividends in the U.S. Economy
Whether upgrading air traffic control software or honing the food safety practices that keep our dinner tables safe, NASA has worked for more than six... read more
Space Station 20th: Celebrating the Holidays in Space
John Uri | 12/21/2020
The Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year holidays are typically joyful events spent with family and friends. Astronauts and cosmonauts who happen to be... read more
Flag Changes at the Entrance Gates
Above the guard shacks at the Johnson Space Center entrances, pennant flags have traditionally been flown to represent the nationality of each crew me... read more
NASA, Canadian Space Agency Formalize Gateway Partnership for Artemis Program
NASA and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) finalized an agreement between the United States and Canada to collaborate on the Gateway, an outpost orbitin... read more
Combined Federal Campaign Donation Window Open
Combined Federal Campaign is Underway! JSC’s 2020 Combined Federal Campaign is underway and runs through the end of November. The theme is “Show Some... read more
NASA Movie Nights: ‘NASA's Incredible Discovery Machine: The Story of the Hubble Space Telescope’
The Office of the Chief Information Officer invites the NASA workforce to watch live streams of one of the agency’s most popular documentaries. On Fri... read more
Q&A with Gateway: Meet Jose ‘Joe’ Caram, Gateway Program Lead for Systems Engineering and Integration Office
As they say, “teamwork makes the dream work.” The Gateway program’s success lies in seamlessly integrating with partners providing hardware, as well a... read more
Rocks from Other Worlds Now Virtually Available (Thanks, ARES!)
Catherine Ragin Williams | 12/16/2020
NASA’s astromaterials sample collections, which include a library of Apollo lunar and Antarctic meteorite samples, are now offered online through a ne... read more
2020 Holiday Message from the JSC Leadership Team
Enjoy a holiday card from Director Mark Geyer, Deputy Director Vanessa Wyche, Associate Director Donna Shafer, and the Johnson Space Center leadership... read more