RoundupReads 2018 Roundup Reads

2018 Roundup Reads

50 Years Ago: Apollo 8 Returns from the Moon
It was Christmas Day 1968, and after spending 20 hours orbiting the Moon, the Apollo 8 crew of Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders was on i... read more
50 Years Ago: Apollo 8 in Lunar Orbit
Precisely on time on Dec. 24, 1968, Mission Control lost contact with Apollo 8 and its crew of Frank Borman, James A. Lovell, and William A. Anders.  ... read more
50 Years Ago: Apollo 8, You are Go for TLI!
In the early morning of Dec. 21, 1968, at Kennedy Space Center’s (KSC) Launch Pad 39A, the five engines of the Saturn V’s first stage came to life pre... read more
Expedition 57 Returns
Three members of the International Space Station’s Expedition 57 crew, including NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor, returned to Earth Thursday, s... read more
Feeling Foggy
.flex{ display:flex; flex-wrap: wrap; } .flex-img{ width: 100%; height: auto; padding: .5em; } It's sweater w... read more
A Snapshot to Crew Safety
A photo may be worth 1,000 words to many, but at NASA a photo is worth a whole lot more. The Image Science and Analysis Group (ISAG) at NASA’s J... read more
Explore NASA Technology
NASA has launched a new interactive website that lets you explore how NASA technology appears in everyday life. NASA Home & City is an inter... read more
Happy Holidays from the Center Director's Office
Click here for the pdf.... read more
All Aglow
The Astronaut Memorial Grove is looking lit these days—with beautiful white lights for the holiday season. That is … all except for one tree—astronaut... read more
Snap(chat) a Selfie, Johnson
Feeling trendy? Johnson Space Center, the home of human space exploration, is now home to three new Snapchat filters! The filters are part of the Gia... read more