RoundupReads 2024 Roundup Reads

2024 Roundup Reads

Celebrating Excellence: NASA Honors Trailblazers at the 2023 Administrator’s Agency Honor Awards
Sumer Loggins | 04/22/2024
On March 28, the Glenn Research Center was abuzz with excitement as NASA held its 2023 Administrator’s Agency Honor Awards. This celebratory eve... read more
Station Science Top News: April 19, 2024
ISS Program Science Office | 04/19/2024
Researchers confirmed that plasma waves in Earth’s protective magnetosphere can drive movement of high energy electrons from Earth’s radia... read more
Station Science Top News: April 12, 2024
ISS Program Science Office | 04/12/2024
Researchers demonstrated that a miniature flow cytometer can accurately measure test samples in microgravity when independently operated by trained cr... read more
What to Expect if You Are Selected: A Guide to Astronaut Candidacy
Linda Grimm | 04/10/2024
So, you applied to become part of NASA’s next astronaut class? You must be excited, nervous, and wondering what comes next! Read on for a brief ... read more
Celebrate Earth Month with Johnson’s Sustainability Team and GROW ERG
Linda Grimm | 04/10/2024
Ever since the first astronauts glimpsed our pale blue dot from a vantage point among the stars, NASA’s space exploration has inspired humanity ... read more
Johnson DEIA Day Explores Dimensions of Diversity and Inclusive Actions
Linda Grimm | 04/08/2024
On March 27, 2024,  the NASA Johnson Space Center’s commitment to fostering diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) was on f... read more
Station Science Top News: April 5, 2024
ISS Program Science Office | 04/05/2024
Astronauts frequently experience headaches during flight. Researchers found that tension headaches, by far the most frequent type, were experienced th... read more
Meet the Crew Embarking on NASA’s Boeing Starliner Historic Mission
Sumer Loggins | 04/03/2024
NASA astronauts Sunita "Suni" Williams and Barry "Butch" Wilmore are poised to make history as the first people to fly aboard the Starliner spacecraft... read more
Through NASA’s Eyes: Johnson Readies for Total Solar Eclipse Celebration
Linda Grimm | 04/03/2024
On Monday, April 8, a solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Anyone viewing the eclipse in its pa... read more
Station Science Top News: March 29, 2024
ISS Program Science Office | 04/02/2024
Changes observed in the expression of certain mouse genes involved in cell death suggest that accumulated DNA damage from space radiation exposure act... read more