RoundupReads 2014 Roundup Reads

2014 Roundup Reads

Need summer interns?
Need summer interns? Find out how to get help for your organization and sharpen the skills of our next-generation workforce at the same time. ... read more
Angelo Casaburri leaves JSC with a legacy of knowledge and dedication to educators and students across the country
A JSC veteran since 1981, Angelo Casaburri has spent his career engaging thousands of teachers and students sharing the knowledge of NASA’s miss... read more
Those Aren't Reindeer on Building 12
Have you spotted the new additions to Building 12’s roofline?  No, it’s not reindeer hanging out on the roof, its the four new w... read more
It's All About That Space!
The Pathways Interns of JSC have outdone themselves with a new music video called "All About That Space" based off of Meghan Trainor's hit song "All A... read more
President Obama recognizes Orion Chief Engineer Julie Kramer White
"Let's face it, usually what we do isn't rocket science...unless it is!" President Obama, speaking to the Senior Executive Service, recognized Julie K... read more
Relive Orion's beautiful launch and flawless mission
NASA marked a major milestone Friday on its journey to Mars as the Orion spacecraft completed its first voyage to space, traveling farther than any sp... read more
Pre-Service Teacher Institute Reveals Benefits of Using NASA to Teach STEM
Johnson Space Center (JSC) completed its last round of the 2014 Pre-Service Institute (PSTI) this November. This activity enrolled 80 participants rep... read more
America—and Johnson Space Center—recycles
Johnson Space Center got in on the action for America Recycles Day on Nov. 13 with an eco-friendly book swap, inspiring TED videos, free goodies and m... read more
Sesame Street characters 'on board' as NASA counts down to Orion's test flight
When Sesame Street premiered Nov. 10, 1969, humans had just set foot on the moon for the first time. The show is now in its 45th season, and today&rsq... read more
Deborah Urbanski crusades for equality with the Differently Abled Advisory Group
The October 2014 National Disability Employment Awareness Month theme is “Expect. Employ. Empower,” which demonstrates the importance of h... read more