RoundupReads 2022 Roundup Reads

2022 Roundup Reads

Station Science Top News: Dec. 15, 2022
ISS Program Science Office | 12/22/2022
Results of NASA’s Advanced Combustion via Microgravity Experiments, or ACME, study provide the first measurements of the effects of ion-driven w... read more
It’s the Most Wonderful Time (to Have a Centerwide Holiday Celebration)
Catherine Ragin Williams | 12/22/2022
The holiday celebration of the year, dubbed Jingle & Mingle with a Splash (in honor of Orion’s recent splashdown to conclude a successful Ar... read more
NASA Outreach for Kids Any Grinch Can Get Behind
Nilufar Ramji | 12/21/2022
On Saturday, Dec. 17, NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston supported Sheila Jackson Lee’s Toys for Kids event. In addition... read more
Johnson’s Close Call System Clocks a Quarter Century of Service
Dan Clem | 12/20/2022
After an unintended oxidizer release provided a wake-up call to NASA officials, Ellington Field undertook a three-month pilot program that... read more
Johnson’s Ham Radio Intern Committee Enjoys Semester of STEM Learning
The NASA Johnson Space Center Ham Radio Intern Committee recently participated in a variety of exciting hands-on electronics and radio communications ... read more
Meet Gateway’s Gary O’Neil: Integrated Performance Manager for Deep Space Logistics
As a product of the Apollo era, Gary O’Neil vividly recalls counting down the launch of his model Saturn V Rocket as a child. Years later, he wo... read more
Orion Makes a Splash, Captivates the Local Community
Catherine Ragin Williams | 12/13/2022
NASA’s Orion spacecraft splashed down in the Pacific Ocean, west of Baja California, at 11:40 a.m. CST Sunday after a record-breaking missi... read more
NASA Recognizes Expedition 67 Astronauts, Team at Space Center Houston
Kenna Pell | 12/12/2022
Four International Space Station crewmates were reunited on stage at Space Center Houston Wednesday, Nov. 30, to receive honors for their missions and... read more
One-on-One Networking Program Makes a Strong Impact as it Goes Agencywide
At NASA’s Johnson Space Center, the Women Excelling in Life and Leadership (WELL) Employee Resource Group (ERG) has consistently been working in... read more
Station Science Top News: Dec. 1, 2022
ISS Program Science Office | 12/08/2022
Researchers used water on water-repellant Teflon surfaces aboard the International Space Station (ISS) to validate a widely accepted theory that dropl... read more