RoundupReads Johnson and White Sands Employees Recognized by NASA’s Space Flight Awareness Program

Johnson and White Sands Employees Recognized by NASA’s Space Flight Awareness Program

by Linda Grimm | 2023-11-15

Dozens of team members at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and White Sands Test Facility were recognized for their contributions to the success of the agency’s programs during three recent Space Flight Awareness (SFA) Awards ceremonies.

The SFA program strives to ensure that every employee involved in human space flight is aware of the importance of their role and the impact their actions can have on astronaut safety and mission success in the challenging task of human space flight. NASA established SFA in 1963 as the agency sought to infuse the space program with a renewed and strengthened consciousness of quality and flight safety and to enhance employee motivation. In the 60 years since, SFA has evolved and expanded to include every level of agency employee and contractor and a variety of recognitions. The annual awards program is its signature initiative.

Two groups of individuals stand on stages after receiving awards.
2023 SFA Awards Silver Snoopy recipients during the Aug. 8 and Aug. 15 ceremonies at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Credit: NASA

Two of the SFA Awards ceremonies hosted by Johnson presented the program’s coveted Silver Snoopy Award to a total of 39 individuals. The Silver Snoopy recognizes employees who have significantly contributed to the human space flight program to ensure flight safety and mission success. Only one percent of NASA’s workforce earns this prestigious award, which is always presented by an astronaut because it is the astronauts’ own award for outstanding performance. During the first Silver Snoopy ceremony on August 8, NASA astronaut Raja Chari presented the awards. One week later, on August 15, NASA astronaut Jonny Kim handed out the remaining Silver Snoopy Awards.

Two astronauts wearing blue flight suits stand behind podiums, delivering remarks to a crowd that is not pictured.
NASA astronauts Raja Chari (left) and Jonny Kim (right) present the Silver Snoopy Awards. Credit: NASA

The third SFA Awards ceremony was held on September 14. Three individuals received the SFA Special Local Award for their dedication to quality work, flight safety, and mission success. Nine employees received the Trailblazer Award, which recognizes early-career employees for their strong work ethic and creative, innovative thinking in support of human spaceflight. The Team Award was presented to 27 employee groups that have demonstrated exemplary teamwork while accomplishing a particular task or goal in support of the human space program.

Johnson Center Director Vanessa Wyche addressed award recipients at each ceremony. “It is important that we take the time to pause and honor you for your excellent work. We cannot do the job ahead without people like you,” she said. “Because of your dedication and innovation, we continue to reach amazing milestones in pursuit of safe human space exploration, as we push forward to the Moon under Artemis and on to Mars.”

Lists of all SFA Award recipients to date are searchable in the program’s database. The call for FY24 nominations will be issued in early 2024.

Congratulations to the 2023 SFA Award recipients!

Enjoy more photos from the SFA Award ceremonies below.