RoundupReads Legends of Apollo 10 (and Snoopy's tour of JSC)

Legends of Apollo 10 (and Snoopy's tour of JSC)

by Noah Michelsohn | 2019-05-01

In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 10 mission, Johnson Space Center hosted a Lessons and Legacies panel on Thursday, April 25. The all-star panel was comprised of Apollo 10 Commander Thomas Stafford, current astronaut Randy Bresnik, Deputy Manager of the Gateway Office Lara Kearney, and Apollo era propulsion engineer Bernie Rosenbaum and was moderated by Assistant Manager to Orion’s Program Office Annette Hasbrook.

Beyond the vital accomplishments of the mission, Apollo 10 is remembered for the partnership formed between NASA and Peanuts as the Apollo 10 command and lunar modules being named Charlie Brown and Snoopy, after Charles Schulz’s Peanuts characters. In celebration. Snoopy came out to JSC for a tour and to help commemorate four NASA employees who have contributed to America's space program since Apollo with the Silver Snoopy Award. 

Read more about the Silver Snoopy Award Winners and see Snoopy's tour of JSC below!

Elvin Pippert was recognized with the Silver Snoopy Award for his outstanding contributions in flight planning for the Gemini and Apollo programs as well as flight software development and process improvements for the International Space Station.

Jerry Woodfill was recognized with the Silver Snoopy Award for his unwavering support of NASA and Human Space Flight by inspiring generations of future astronauts and engineers through his educational, innovative and entertaining outreach presentations.  He has truly demonstrated through his life and actions that failure is not an option! 

Dr. Millard Reschke was recognized with the Silver Snoopy Award for his sustained, superior performance as the NASA neuroscience discipline expert, including support to the Apollo, Skylab, Shuttle, NASA-Mir and International Space Station Programs.  Dr. Reschke's contributions to the study of spaceflight-induced vestibular issues and potential countermeasures are unparalleled.

David Owens was recognized with the Silver Snoopy Award for his steadfast contributions to the human space flight programs to ensure flight safety and mission success. Mr. Owens developed and improved procedures, concepts, requirements and interfaces, which have spanned across Apollo, Skylab, the International Space Station and the Commercial Crew Programs.