RoundupReads 2019 TD&I Labs Winners Announced

2019 TD&I Labs Winners Announced


NASA Technology, Data and Innovation Labs (TD&I) announces its 2019 class of Information Technology research and development projects. TD&I Labs empowers NASA's innovative employees to develop new capabilities that will enhance and support NASA's ongoing needs. By leveraging a crowdsourcing/entrepreneurship model and soliciting ideas from across NASA's brilliant workforce, NASA is better poised to identify, develop and execute to satisfy both near- and long-term needs. Of this year’s 45 applications, TD&I Labs funded nine projects—one returning and eight new projects—with a total funded cost of $203,000. Four of the winning projects originated from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. To view all the applications for this year, please visit the TD&I Labs website    Congratulations to our Johnson winners!      Returning Project: Generate parts list from controlled drawings Phase 2 – Funded $25,000 – Returning (Project Lead: Cuong Q. Nguyen, JSC-XX111)    New Projects: Space System Digital Twin – Funded $25,000 (Project Lead: Lui Wang, JSC-ER611); Automated Data Tagging with Machine Learning – Funded $25,000 (Project Lead: Le Truong, JSC-IO111); Facial Recognition Applications in Security – Funded $25,000 (Project Lead: Lui Wang, JSC-ER611)