RoundupReads Updated CCP Target Test Flight Dates

Updated CCP Target Test Flight Dates

The next generation of American spacecraft and rockets that will launch astronauts to the International Space Station are nearing the final stages of development and evaluation.​

Boeing and SpaceX are nearing the launch of commercial vehicles that will launch American astronauts to space from American soil. The dates for test flights have been recently updated and are approaching in the coming months. 

Test Flight Planning Dates:
Boeing Orbital Flight Test (uncrewed): March 2019
Boeing Crew Flight Test (crewed): August 2019
SpaceX Demo-1 (uncrewed): January 2019
SpaceX Demo-2 (crewed): June 2019

Anticipated Readiness Dates for Operational Missions:
First operational mission: August 2019
Second operational mission: December 2019

Commercial Crew Program missions allow astronauts to continue to conduct critical research on the International Space Station. Learn more about how CCP supports critical research in the video below.