RoundupReads Get SIRIUS about helping NASA’s Human Research Program

Get SIRIUS about helping NASA’s Human Research Program

SIRIUS 18/19 is a joint project between NASA’s Human Research Program (HRP) and Russia’s Institute for Biomedical Problems to help prepare humans for long-duration space missions. You can find more information about the NEK facility here:

This recruitment seeks individuals to participate in a four-month isolation mission inside the NEK analog facility. The primary purpose of the four-month mission is to conduct a vast array of physiological, psychological, behavioral and social research on the six people who are living and working within the facility while engaged in a simulated space mission.

NASA intends to select two candidates for this study by early November 2018. The total time in Moscow to support the study will likely be from mid-January through mid-July 2019. The isolation phase of the mission (the four-month portion) is scheduled to begin in early March and conclude in early July. There may be some brief travel to Moscow in November 2018.

Candidates applying for this study as a NASA-provided crew member MUST be U.S. citizens. Other criteria for inclusion, or factors which will determine exclusion, are listed below. Please read these criteria carefully prior to applying. Applications will be accepted until Nov. 1.

Candidates will require medical and psychological screenings, as indicated below. Medical screening will be performed, if possible, at a facility near the candidate’s home. Psychological screening will be conducted at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Screening and travel costs will be paid by NASA’s screening contractor. If selected, travel to/from Moscow, including lodging and transportation, will be paid by NASA. Subjects will be remunerated for their time, including the time involved in the pre-mission training, the mission itself and the post-mission data collection time period. 

Inclusion Criteria
Candidate subject inclusion criteria for the study will be the following:
  • Age is 30 to 55 years.
  • Height not to exceed 180 cm.
  • Successful completion of a modified U.S. Air Force Class III Physical, dental and oral examination, and psychological screening
  • Willing to be confined and isolated for up to four months.
  • Body mass index (BMI) between 18.5 and 30.
  • English and Russian verbal and written proficiency.
  • Technical skills demonstrated through education and professional experience.
Advanced degree (e.g., master’s degree, Ph.D. or MD) or completion of military officer training is preferred. Subjects with a bachelor’s degree AND one of the following qualifications are acceptable candidates as well:
  • The equivalent of two years of full-time graduate coursework.
  • Two years’ professional experience in a relevant scientific, technical or medical field.
  • Two years of military experience (completed military officer training preferred).
  • HRP will be notified of subject’s prescription medication use to determine if medication will violate HRP scientific research.
Exclusion Criteria
Candidate subject exclusion criteria for the study will be the following:
  • A history of self-reported psychological or psychiatric illness that is determined by the psychiatrist/psychologist to place the crew member at risk to his/her psychological well-being should he/she participate in the mission.
  • Inability or unwillingness to perform the required tests.
  • Prior cardiovascular or neurologic disease.
  • Sleepwalking and sleep aid use 30 days prior to participation (verbal confirmation is adequate). History of sleep disorders. 
  • Female candidate is pregnant or lactating.
  • Failure to pass a criminal background check.
  • Any eye disorder not correctable to 20/20 visual acuity in each eye.
  • Prior participation as a subject in the NEK habitat for an overnight mission of 10 days or longer.
  • Prior participation in HRP-funded NEK science protocols.
  • History of gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Claustrophobic.
Candidates who meet the above criteria and who are interested in and able to participate in this mission during the specified time period are encouraged to send their CV to:

For the subject line, please indicate: CANDIDATE – SIRIUS18/19

Thank you again for your interest in furthering NASA HRP goals!

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