RoundupReads Houston, we have a birthday!

Houston, we have a birthday!

"Houston, We Have a Podcast,” the official podcast of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, recently reached an impressive milestone: one year of existence!

For Episode 52, the podcast celebrates its first year. Gary Jordan, host, sits down with Alex Perryman, audio, and Dan Huot, co-host, to reminisce about their favorite moments and incredible guests. This episode was recorded on June 20, 2018.  

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The Houston, We Have a Podcast team.
It takes a village to raise kids ... and a podcast. The team, from left: Pat Ryan, Dan Huot, Gary Jordan, Alex Perryman and Bill Stafford. Image Credit: NASA/Bill Stafford
Episode 52 of "Houston, We Have a Podcast" celebrates the podcast's first year.
Host Gary Jordan. Image Credit: NASA/Bill Stafford
Co-host Dan Huot. Image Credit: NASA/Bill Stafford
Alex Perryman, audio. Image Credit: NASA/Bill Stafford