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Suzan Thomas


I am a team lead for the Office of Procurement - Source Selection and Analysis Office. Our office provides the tools, policy and systems to give the operations offices the most effective and efficient methods available for Johnson Space Center Procurement to lead human space exploration through exceptional acquisition support. In sum, Procurement buys the supplies and services that are needed by Johnson operational offices to accomplish NASA’s mission. An interesting fact about Procurement is that we spend approximately 80 percent of the NASA budget.

I have been working in Procurement my entire career (23 years, with 18 at NASA). I use my experience to serve as a business advisor to the JSC Procurement offices. The most rewarding part of my job is assisting our Procurement organizations through the acquisition process, answering their questions, empowering them to create solutions and seeing them award a new contract. As part of my role as a business advisor, I challenge myself to learn something new about acquisition each day.