RoundupReads Look and learn: First All Hands of 2018

Look and learn: First All Hands of 2018


At the first All Hands of 2018 on Jan. 19, Johnson Space Center Director Ellen Ochoa delved into topics such as current missions, how Johnson fits into supporting human lunar exploration, the Deep Space Gateway concept and Deep Space Transport concept, as well as the latest Zero-Based Review outcomes and JSC 2.0 initiatives. Acting Deputy Director Vanessa Wyche and Associate Director Melanie Saunders also added to the discussions.

If you weren't able to attend, w
atch the All Hands on demand here and see charts from the presentation. 

The Johnson team made significant strides with 2.0 initiatives in 2017. See a list of JSC 2.017 accomplishments in innovation and ingenuity here.

All Hands 2018
Johnson Director Ellen Ochoa talks Expedition 54 at the All Hands on Jan. 19. Image Credit: NASA