RoundupReads Bring Our Children to Work Day entertains kids with space and STEM

Bring Our Children to Work Day entertains kids with space and STEM


Employees and their children descended upon Space Center Houston Aug. 10 to participate in NASA Johnson Space Center’s Bring Our Children to Work Day. The event included more than 800 children who got to spend their morning learning about the 2017 solar eclipse, James Webb Space telescope and much more.


The morning kicked off with an introduction from Johnson Associate Director Melanie Saunders, who welcomed all the guests. She was followed by astronaut Suni Williams, who talked about the excitement of the upcoming eclipse and her work as an astronaut. She then spoke and took photos with children the rest of the morning in the photo booth.


Kids had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities, ranging from watching a presentation from solar eclipse expert Mark Matney to creating a James Webb Space Telescope mirror out of pre-cut yellow hexagons.


Children could also partake in a rocket-launch activity and learn more about the eclipse through two interactive activities—one revolving around special eclipse glasses and viewing safety, and the other asking kids to predict the corona of the sun during the eclipse.


Cosmo, the inflatable astronaut, also made a special appearance and posed for photos with the happy participants.


After the conclusion of the event, kids were able to tour the rest of Space Center Houston or spend the remainder of the day at Johnson, getting a behind-the-scenes view of their parents’ workspaces.

See photos from the event below.



Madison Tuttle

NASA Johnson Space Center