RoundupReads Houston, the Turkey has Launched!

Houston, the Turkey has Launched!

by Joseph Zakrzewski | 2023-11-20

On November 15, 2023, NASA’s Johnson Space Center employees along with Center Associate Director Donna Shafer trotted into the Holiday season and gobbled up the fun at the second annual Turkey Launch hosted by Starport. 

Two people outside in the lawn beside two stuffed fake turkeys.
NASA Johnson Space Center's Associate Director Donna Shafer participates in the second annual Turkey Launch on November 15, 2023. Credit: Axiom Space/Marlene Rivera


With the determination of Olympic hurlers and shot-putters, employees gloriously launched fluffy (and heavy!) feathered friends across the lawn behind Building 1, competing for prizes while hundreds of spectators looked on warmly from their cups of hot chocolate compliments of Royal Tea & Coffee Co. 

Congratulations to Isabella Novo, Crystal Williams, Jennifer Jadwick, Zach Wusk, Marcus Maiten, and Michael Caputo for capturing the top distances!