RoundupReads ICMYI: 2023 Federal Length of Service Ceremony

ICMYI: 2023 Federal Length of Service Ceremony

by Joshua Sinclair | 2023-10-23

On Oct. 18, 2023, NASA’s Johnson Space Center celebrated employee anniversaries from 25 to 50 years of service to NASA at the Federal Length of Service Ceremony. Center Director Vanessa Wyche presented the awards based on the directorate and employee's years of service.  

To begin the ceremony, Wyche brought the recipients back in time to remind them of the giant leaps that happened throughout their individual journeys at NASA.  

“[25 years ago] An International Space Station agreement among 15 countries met in Washington to establish the framework for cooperation among the partners on the design, development, operation, and utilization of the International Space Station,” Wyche said. “50 years ago, Skylab 1 through Skylab 4 were launched, and Pioneer 10 was the first flyby of Jupiter.” 

A group of people hold up an award with a blue background, NASA meatball, and three flags behind them.
Judith Elam, technology protection officer in the Center Operations Directorate at NASA's Johnson Space Center, receives an award surrounded by family and friends at the Length of Service Awards Ceremony on Oct. 18, 2023, in Johnson's Teague Auditorium. Credit: NASA/Josh Valcarcel

The ceremony included a special moment for Judith Elam, who has been with NASA for 50 years. She shared her favorite NASA memories and celebrated her achievements with family and friends. 

“The most gratifying accomplishment was my daughter becoming an attorney while I was pursuing a professional career at NASA with the goal of breaking the glass ceiling,” Elam said. “I couldn’t have achieved these goals without the collaborative efforts of some dedicated family members, friends, and coworkers, especially my mother, sister, and NASA/JSC mentor Everett D. Shafer.”  


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