RoundupReads Face it! Face Coverings are a Good Look

Face it! Face Coverings are a Good Look

by Catherine Ragin Williams | 2020-05-12

We’ve been socially distancing, and now we’ve added another weapon against COVID-19 to our arsenal: face coverings! Mandated in many situations, and strongly encouraged at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, face coverings have demonstrated an ability to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

We asked you to show us your stylish face coverings, and you again didn’t disappoint. Predictably, many of you showed off your love of space, NASA, and other pop-culture mainstays like "Harry Potter" and "Star Trek." Some of you even had fun creating fantastical full outfits of PPE (personal protective equipment). Take a look at the face-covered selfie gallery, below, to see how the Johnson family is protecting the community at large.