RoundupReads Co-Working ... with Pets!

Co-Working ... with Pets!

by Catherine Ragin Williams | 2020-04-08


We asked … and you delivered. (Thank you for that!) 

We wanted pics of your cutest, cuddliest, floofiest, (scaliest?) co-working partners in crime who are helping to keep you sane (or perhaps ... not) while you get the hang of this all-telework-all-the-time world. And now … we have them. Behold: a sampling.

But, never fear, there are MORE OF THEM. Below. So yeah, turn off the sad and scary news for just a little bit to bask in the warmth and loveliness of your pets. Boop their noses for us, will you?

(Disclaimer: Pets in no particular order, because they all obviously should be #1!)