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RU in the Loop?


RU in the loop?

In 2017, the Roundup was reborn as the platform was revamped for the digital age. In 2018, the next step was to create Roundup Live for quicker updates and communication. Now, to match the updated look and feel, Roundup is getting a nickname, RU. The shortened name highlights the platform's goal of d delivering content to the workforce as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The RU is encapsulated in a gear, emphasizing how all  areas of the Roundup work together to deliver quality content to the JSC team and works to make sure the team feels as informed as possible.

Roundup Today

It’s a must-read every morning. Consume it with or without your morning cup of coffee to learn about the announcements and news pertaining to center events, news headlines, jobs, training, social happenings, employee resource groups, Starport, clubs and more.  

Roundup Web

Your safe place on the internet – Johnson’s internal home page, where you can fine the latest news, resources and tools most relevant to your day and your job.

Roundup Reads

Internally focused web stories highlighting programs, projects and people at Johnson, as well as fun content like image galleries, videos, social media and infographics.

Roundup Live

It’s like Twitter, but it’s ours! This news feed displays short snippets of news and information on the top news and events most relevant to the entire Johnson team.

Roundup Direct

This monthly email from Johnson director Mark Geyer showcases the center’s top stories, events and social media posts in a quick and easy-to-skim format.

Along with the updates, keep your eyes peeled for the External Relations Office hosting newsstands on site, posting important information on the gate signs entering the center and more multi-part series’ like the Directors Series.

Big things are coming, so enjoy the updated graphics, but keep your eyes out for more.

RU in the loop?

RU Direct.
RU Live.
RU Reads.
RU Today.
RU Web.