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Top Center GoalsAt long last—final, commemorative Roundup

February 12, 2018

Let's get digital! The Roundup brand is now in action, bringing clean, simple and integrated internal communications that look, feel and act 21st century.

One step on the path to optimization was sun-setting the Roundup newsmagazine, which allows us to refocus time and resources to better connect employees to the mission, tell the Johnson insider story and optimize content.

See the final edition of the newsmagazine by clicking on the cover to open the PDF. Enjoy stories about the Roundup's evolution as a small newspaper to a magazine; major mission milestones for 2017 in pics; what the International Space Station, Commercial Crew and Orion have accomplished on the path to other worlds; and the women of curation, who hold our corner of the universe in their capable hands.

2018 Roundup final edition
Final, commemorative edition of the Roundup newsmagazine. To open, click the cover. Image Credit: NASA