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Top Center GoalsRinging in the new Roundup

February 5, 2018

It’s a new year—and a new chapter for Roundup.

Johnson Space Center internal communications products have been unified as a single brand: Roundup. Under one umbrella, the Johnson team will receive clean, simple, integrated communications that look, feel and act like the 21st century and include mobile optimization, improved page designs and layouts and a more user-friendly interface.

We aim to do things differently. To do that, we will be sun-setting the Roundup magazine (commemorative edition available in early February). This refocusing of time and resources will allow us to better connect employees to the mission, tell the JSC insider story and optimize content.  

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**This is the first of many steps in taking Johnson’s internal communications to the next level, and we'd love to get your feedback.**

Learn more about the new Roundup in this short video. Image Credit: NASA