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IRD: Helping dreams come true

December 19, 2017

It happens each December. Decorations come out, lights go up, parties are planned and children make lists. Unfortunately, in the wake of devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey, many children will only dream of having their wish lists fulfilled. Fortunately, the Information Resources Directorate (IRD) at NASA’s Johnson Space Center was able to help make the holidays brighter for children at Boys & Girls Harbor.

For the past two years, IRD has provided gifts and toys. In November, Amy Kennedy Reynolds, Ester Lunnon, Kristi Medina, Marsha Gray and Ann Whitener worked with Christine Shelton of Boys & Girls Harbor to coordinate wish lists from 43 children and nine cottages.

“We really wanted them to have the stuff they wanted and needed,” Gray said.

In all, 32 members of IRD provided children the three gifts from their wish list and a few added surprises, such as clothes, shoes, coats, games, educational activities, superheroes, team jerseys, sportswear, jewelry, perfumes and more. Five additional members of IRD provided bedding, bathroom articles, cleaning tools and small kitchen appliances.

On Dec. 19, Helen Harris, Whitener and Gray will lead a group to deliver the presents to Boys & Girls Harbor in enough time to help make dreams come true.

Members of IRD prepare to make the holidays brighter for local children.
Members of IRD prepare to make the holidays brighter for local children. Image Credit: NASA/Nora Moran