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Take a look! Learn your colors

July 12, 2016

Remember when you were 5 and there was a world of possibility with a broken crayon nub in your one hand and a piece of paper in the other? Johnson Space Center is taking it back to basics to hopefully inspire you to create and innovate even more than you already do. Our crayon box may only contain four colors, but each one has a special meaning that maps to a corresponding transformative goal for JSC: Connect to the Mission (blue); Enable Change (green); Remove Obstacles (gold); and Make Programs Successful (orange).

Located at the top of the articles featured on the Inside JSC home page are new colored squares that will illustrate the many JSC 2.016 changes currently transforming JSC into the spaceflight epicenter of the future. Not every article will be color-coded with all four colors. Some will have four—or three—or two—or … just one. It all depends on the article’s subject matter and how it fits with the center’s ongoing efforts and commitment to be lean, agile and adaptive to change.

Our colors will quickly and easily convey how we are implementing a culture that incubates invention and advances NASA’s Journey to Mars.

Break open that crayon box—it’s time to get creative.

JSC 2.016 color story
Image Credit: NASA/Jason Roberts