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Feed Our Community with Johnson’s Feds Feeds Families Campaign

Catherine Ragin Williams |
September 22, 2019

From now until Oct. 25, team members from NASA’s Johnson Space Center have the opportunity to make a difference directly in our local communities with Feds Feeds Families.

Not only are your donations appreciated, they really make a difference. For instance, when Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area, those same donations helped feed our own workforce and others close by who were reeling from the overwhelming effects of the storm. In the summertime, the Galveston County Food Bank typically sees a decrease in donations and an increase in need (feeding families who normally receive aid with school breakfasts and lunches). But, no matter the season, the food bank relies on our generosity year-round.


Johnson aims to collect at least 60,000 pounds of food for the Galveston County Food Bank. Think — that amount of food roughly equals four adult elephants. But, if everyone contributes a few pounds, the goal is easily met. 

How to Donate:

Donate food from the list of most-wanted items (reference the list at right) into collection boxes that can be found around campus or within your organization (especially if you want to be tallied with your org’s total count for the friendly competition).

Food collection boxes can be found in common areas on-site, as well as at Ellington Field, Sonny Carter Training Facility, the Jacobs building and MRI Technologies. 

If you don’t want to bother dragging in pounds of donations, the virtual kind is also welcome. Visit a food bank website (such as the Galveston County Food Bank) for more information:


A little friendly competition never hurts … and it just may help a whole lot.

All donations will be weighed and tracked by Johnson’s Feds Feeds Campaign chair. Virtual food donations made online will be converted and added to the final tallies, with each organization reporting results to senior staff.

May the best organization(s) — but really, the food bank — win! 

Stuff the Truck:

The campaign will end with a convenient stuff-the-truck event at Gilruth Center on Friday, Oct. 25, for last-minute drive-by donations straight into a large food bank truck. If, by chance, you want to wait to donate … there will still be ample opportunity.

In the meantime, scour your pantries, itemize your grocery lists and start planning. It took a team to get NASA to the Moon — and it will take the same to feed local communities in need.