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Johnson Wins NASA Small Business Administrator’s Cup

NASA's Johnson Space Center |
June 19, 2019

Congratulations! Johnson Space Center is the 2019 winner of the agency’s prestigious Small Business Administrator’s Cup – the first time Johnson has been awarded the cup. The award is presented each year to recognize the NASA center with the best overall small business program.

NASA’s Johnson Space Center Director, Mark Geyer, accepted the cup on behalf of the Johnson team on Tuesday prior to the Associate Administrator Town Hall.  

“We are proud of Johnson for achieving this historic milestone, winning the Small Business Administrator’s Cup for the first time. Johnson is NASA’s largest center based on procurement dollars awarded and has demonstrated its support to small business through both direct and subcontracting awards.” said Delgado, whose office sponsors the award. “This award is a testament to their leadership’s commitment to our small business program and hard work put in by the entire team.”

 “The entire Johnson Space Center team congratulates the Procurement Office on this accomplishment,” Geyer said. “The procurement team is a critical part of Johnson’s mission, ensuring that we are able to enlist the best companies to help us accomplish the amazing work we do in human spaceflight. Working with small businesses, enables the creation of competitive capabilities that help NASA and the country reach its goals.”

The award honors considered ten program areas and the significant contributions that the center's senior management, program and technical personnel, and procurement office have made to the agency's Small Business Program.

To learn more about the innoivative business strategies that led to this award, read the Directors Series HERE

The 2019 Administrator's Cup awarded to Johnson.
The 2019 Administrator's Cup awarded to Johnson.