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BREAKING: Roundup Live is here

March 4, 2019

Since Johnson’s internal communications were consolidated into the Roundup last year, External Relations has been creating new and innovative ways to help Johnson employees stay in the loop (Roundup loop, get it?)

So, if the Roundup Web home screen looked a little different today, that’s because it is. Today, we launched Roundup Live, a new internal communication tool focused on quick communication and updates throughout the day.

We know how busy you are. When you come to Roundup Web, you are coming for a link or quick access to information. With that in mind, Roundup Live is designed for quick, 180 character blurbs for photos and instant updates.

Nothing is going away from Roundup, but this new tool will help keep you in the loop and give you more time to read the stories on Roundup Reads by allowing stories to circulate for longer.

Thank you for continuing to support Roundup as we innovate into the future and as always, feel free to contact us with your thoughts and questions at


JSC External Relations Office