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Which NASA Valentine Will You Use?

February 13, 2019

Forgot that Valentine's Day was tomorrow? Don't worry, we've got you covered with cards for the all the special people in your life!

For the coworker down the hall

Nothing says "I appreciate the hard work you do for America's space program" like the best friends forever card. This card is fully customizable, so no matter whether you share a cubicle or sit across the hall, they will know that you friendship goes all the way to the Moon!

For the children

After a long day at school, nothing says "yes, we can get a smoothie on the way home" like the in my heart card. Your children are grateful for all you do, but you are just as thankful for the joy they bring to your life. This card captures the pride and love that all parents feel, while reminding them that "hey, NASA rocks!"

For the parents

They had the most difficult task of all, raising you. Now it's time to say thank you with the warm my heart card. This card radiates with love and will bring a tear to any parent's eye. 

For the new friend

So you just met them, but you think that maybe they are still expecting a card. Well, you're in luck! The out of this world card is a galactic mix of camaraderie and excitement for the blossoming friendship ahead. 

For the significant other

Do you believe in soul mates? Well SLS and Orion are NASA's own star crossed lovers. Let your significant other know that you were destined to be with the made for each other card. This card screams "For you, I'd go farther into space than any human ever," now that's romantic. 

For the general public

NASA holds a special place in the hearts of the world. As we continue our quest for human exploration, remember that the work you are doing today is preparing humans for the greatest explorations of all. Your work is truly giving the world the stars.

For the favorite food

We have all looked at the buffet line and thought that a brownie or a donut is the only thing on Earth that can complete you. Well, it's time to let that buffet know its value. Carry the you complete me card with you on Thursday and make sure to drop it off next to your favorite foods.