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Letter from the CFC: Thank You Johnson!

February 5, 2019

Dear JSC,

Thank you for your contributions to the Combined Federal Campaign. Your generosity will make a difference in many lives, locally as well as internationally. It is truly inspiring to know that we have the ability to rally around important causes in the same ways that the Houston community rallied around JSC employees during the government shutdown.

For those who may have been hoping to donate, but missed the opportunity during the shutdown, the CFC donation window has been extended and will be open for donations on the CFC donation website  through Feb. 22, 2019.

Thank you again for the continued support and contributions to continue to grow the impact of the CFC. 

We wish you the best for 2019,

The JSC CFC Team

Tracy Calhoun - EISD
Matt Lemke – Orion Program
Valeria Cruz – Office of CFO
Noah Michelsohn – External Relations