JSC Innovators Recognized

Receiving a Space Act Award were Arturo Vasquez and Karla Bradley for their invention of the Water Outlet Control Mechanism for Fuel Cell System Operation in Variable Gravity Environments.

Patent Application Awards were presented to Phong Ngo, Julian Gross, Dickey Arndt, Jianjun Ni, John Dusl, and Chau Phan for Ultrawideband Asynchronous Tracking System and Method; Eric Christiansen for Fiber Optic MOD Impact Detector System for Spacecraft Structures; and to Robert Ambrose for two separate technologies, Robot Skins and Coverings and Two Degree of Freedom Camera Mount.

Tech Brief and Patent Applications Awards were given to Jasen Raboin, Gary Spexarth and Christopher Johnson and for Connective Node and Method for Constructing a Connecting Node.

Board Awards were given to Robert Ambrose, Scott Askew, Christopher Lovchik, and Myron Diftler for their invention of the Space Compatible Dexterous Robotic Hand; Glen Steele, Katie Nguyen, Denise Romero, John Aldakkour, Gary Manthey, Richard Coles, Bao Bui, Robert Koudelka, and Douglas Holland for the Downlink Data Multiplexer; and to Gary Spexarth for the Method of the Design and Analysis of the Primary Load Bearing Layer of an Inflatable Vessel.

Presented with Tech Brief Awards were Paul Kohl, Jud Ready, Siviaram Arepalli, Heather F. Jackson, and Leonard Yowell for Room Temperature Ionic Liquids for Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors; Katharine Harder and James Siekierski for their work on OBSS ISIS Digital Camera Control Software (DCCS) Version 3.0; Evan Thomas, Mark Weislogel and John Graf for Systems and Methods for Separating a Multiphase Fluid; Toby Dartez, Maureen Dutton, Richard Dean, Gerald Steward and Douglas Harrington for their work on Auto Ignition Chamber Performs Remove Auto Ignition Testing of Pyrotechnic Devices; Reshma Khatri, Paatrick Zimmerman, Leonard Kramer, Jarmaine Ollivierre, Bryan Corley, Daniel Dyer, Toni Deboeck, James Blakeskee, Tim Wegner, Antonio Fairnetti, Sam Welsh, and Jason Smith for Spacecraft Position Optimal Tracking (SPOT) Program; Myron Diftler, Mars Chu, Michael Valvo, Robert Ambrose, and Joshua Mehling for their work on the Minimally Invasive Tendril Robot; Warren Ruemmele, Henry Tang, and Grant Bue for Advanced Liquid Cooling Garment Using Highly Thermally Conductive Sheets; Warren Ruemmele, Eugene Ungar, William Bohannon for Cryogenic Transport of High Pressure System Recharge Gas; and to Jeff Fox, Frank Delgado, James Secor, Michael Clark, Kevin Ehlinger, Michael Abernathy, Patrick Laport, and Eric Boe for their team’s work on ACES (Advanced Cockpit Evaluation System) Van ‘180 Degree Wraparound’ Mobile Vision System.

Also receiving Tech Brief Awards were Paul Biesinger and Paul Torrance for Ozone Passivation and Cleanliness Verification Process; Don Pearson, Dustin Hamm, Brian Kubena and Jonathon Weaver for the Platform Independent Software Components for the Exploration of Space (PISCES); Diane Byerly and Marguerite Sognier for the Isolation of Precursor Cells from Solid Waste Tissue; Melody, Anderson, Ariel Macatangay, and Anthony Jeevarajan for his work on An Optical PH Sensor to Continuously Monitor the PH of Cell Culture Medium; Myron Diftler for the Magnetostrictive Brake; and Stephanie Smith, Terry Hodgson, Dan Dexter and Robert Shelton for the Math Description Engine (MDE) Software Development Kit, Version 1.0.

Additional Tech Brief Awards were given to Robert Hennan and John Roane for the Security Monitoring Tool for Computer Network; Andrew Thomas for Planetary and Space Exploration Vehicles Utilizing Drained Fuel Tanks as Modules for Human Habitation; Michael Grant for the Particle Swarm Optimization Toolbox; Dustin Gohmert for the Crashworthy Recumbent Seat for Orion Space Capsule; and a Software Release Award was presented to Alexander Lin for Trick Simulation Environment 07.

JSC Exceptional Software Awards were given to the team of Dewey Brown, Jeffrey Cline, Delbert Hood, Don Huhn, Allan Plumb, Mindi Davis, Delbert Hood, Connie Smart, David Shannon and Jill Skobel for Mission Integration Database Applications System (MIDAS); and to the team of Curtis Collins, Daniel Costello, Michael Stevens, Ferrell Ferguson, Jonathon Reaves, Frederick Boyes, Bradford Mudgett, Gary Newman, Michael Stewart and Joan Youravich for NASA Electronic Position Description System (ePDS).

Also receiving JSC Exceptional Software Awards were Dr. Norman Kliksdahl, Eric Gallagher and Dustin Gooding for their development of ISS Video Processing System Software; and Hasan Rahman, Ron Cast, Monazer Faruque, Earl Shaffer, Arif Rahman, Nina Vu, Theodore Mai, Hong Xia, Abul Chowdhury, Dave Carsey, Mike Prodham, Charles Johnson and Naz Husain for their development of Telescience Support Center (TSC) Software.

Receiving a JSC Exceptional Software Award and the First Runner-up Award for NASA Software of the Year- Space Act Award was the team of Gerald Condon, David Lee, Elizabeth Davis, Ravishankar Mathur, Fady Morcos, Dr. Cesar Ocampo, Dr. Juan Senent and Jacob Williams for Copernicus Trajectory Design and Optimizing Tool. Copernicus software is a system for solving generalized trajectory design and optimization problems.

The NASA Inventions and Contributions Board was established by the Space Act of 1958, which created NASA in 1958. This board is responsible for the Space Act Awards. The mission of the ICB is to reward and promote outstanding scientific or technical contributions sponsored, adopted, supported, or used by NASA which are significant to aeronautics and space activities.Patent Application Award amounts are between $500 and $1,000, the NASA Tech Brief Award amount is $350, Software Release Award amounts are between $500 and $1,000 and major ICB Award amounts can be as high as $100,000.

For more information about NASA innovations and awards, please contact the Innovation Partnerships Office at jsc-techtran@mail.nasa.gov or by calling 281 483-3809.

Neesha Hosein
Johnson Space Center, Houston

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